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Choosing a strong career is important to make a nice living. If you are a Web Developer or you want to be a web developer in future and you are worried about making money with web development, then keep on reading.

Because by the end of this blog, you will learn what is web development? And you will also learn many ways to earn money as a web developer. 

After the 2000s and the huge advancements in technology, web development started to boom and now it has become a full-time career for many. Especially the young generation, Generation Z is more interested in this field than any generation. If you are a young person who wants to start a career in web development, then this blog is for you.

So, without wasting any of your time let’s start!

And If you know what web development is, then you can move on to the ways to start making money as a web developer.

Web Development and It’s Worth Today
Before we start to learn the top ways to make money as a web developer, let’s see what web development is and is it worth your time or not?

Web Development

Web development is the act of creating websites for the World Wide Web (The Internet). This can be a simple web page or something complex like an application or a website for a business etc. It also includes creating a private website for companies and businesses.

At the very beginning, websites or web pages were only used by scientists to share useful information and to get useful information. There were few websites at that time because only scientists and universities used them for scientific and educational purposes. 

But now, there are millions of websites on the internet that has information on almost every topic that you can think of, like this one: the one you are reading this article on.

Web Development’s Worth Today

Now let’s talk about the worth of web developers and websites. As I have said before, there are millions of websites today and there will be a need for more websites in the future because even if a small business wants to survive today, they have to create a website for the business.

Other than the businesses, there are many educational websites and dozens of others. So, there will need for web developers to create websites in the future. 

If I talk about the average salary of a web developer today, the base salary in the US for a web developer is 67,311$/yr.

So if I answer this question “is web development worth it?” My answer would be Yes! It is completely worth your time and effort!

Top Ways to Make Money as a Web Developer

Making money with web development is possible, but it’s tricky and difficult at the very start. Once you have enough experience then you will be able to make a lot of money through it.

These are some of the ways you can start to make money as a beginner or experienced person.

Freelancing Websites
If you are a new web developer and you want to gain some experience before you apply for a job, then getting experience from a freelancing website like Fiverr or Upwork can be helpful for you and you may end up generating a full-time income and not applying for a job.

Even if you are an experienced web developer and you want to make a side income for yourself then you can also work on freelancing websites. You can also generate a full-time income through these websites.

Many people around the world are making a living through these sites. But you have to be patient because nobody instantly starts to generate a full-time income from these platforms. It takes some time.

Once you have a nice rating on your profile, then you will start getting more and more clients and orders. You may have to work at very cheap rates or even free to make your portfolio at first.

These are some of the best platforms where you can start to sell your services.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Peopleperhour
  4. Upstack
  5. Toptal

The process of getting started on these platforms is simple:

  1. Create a seller account
  2. Choose the services that you want to offer
  3. Create a gig 
  4. Start selling your services!

Permanent Employment
if you are the kind of person who wants to have a stable income, then you can apply for permanent employment. In permanent employment, you get many perks like health care, paid vacations etc.

A person works for an undetermined amount of time in permanent employment. You can work for years or maybe quit after 2 months, whatever you like. But you have to work full-time and 36 hours a week. 

Permanent employment is often given to experienced people. So, if you want to work as a permanent web developer for a company, you may have to give some proof of experience and in case you are not an experienced person, you may get a lower salary package than an experienced person.

The only disadvantage of permanent employment is the lack of flexibility of time. You can not work at any time or from home like you can do as a freelancer. You have to show up at the exact time on your job. 

But, if you are okay with all of these situations, then applying for a permanent job is not a bad idea.

Contract Employment
Contract employment is another type of employment that you can choose to earn as a web developer. Unlike permanent employment, this employment is contract-based. It could be a contract for 6 months, a year or maybe 10 years. 

Once you have entered the contract, you can not leave or fight for the pay rate because everything is decided by you and the employer in the contract.

This is not a stable type of job because after the contract ends, you have to find another job or contract and if everything goes well between you and the employer then you can work more for them by creating another contract.

If you think you can work on a contract then you can search for people who want a web developer on contract.

Create a Website for yourself and start blogging!

If you want to generate a side income as a web developer then you can create a website for yourself and convert it into a blog.

A blog is a webpage where you post about a specific topic(niche) in reverse chronological order.

You can create a blog about whatever you like, it may be some kind of a sport or maybe you can write about coding and web development. 

Many people are making thousands of dollars from blogging. Even if you just write 2-3 blogs a week, you can still make a lot of money through it. To earn money from a blog, you need to have an audience or traffic to your blog.

To get traffic to your blog, you need to learn some SEO and you are good to go. After getting the traffic, you can earn from your blog by displaying advertisements.

You don’t have to be excellent in English to write a blog, you can start writing, if you know some basic English and SEO. You can learn SEO from many free sources on the internet and it is not very difficult to learn.

There are many programmers and coders who have their blogs and they post about programming, web development and other stuff related to coding. 

So, if you are a web developer then you should create a blog for yourself to generate some extra income.

Creating a Digital Course

Another effective way to make money as a web developer is by creating a digital course. Teaching people what you know and what they want to know about web development or in general coding. 

You can create a course and sell it on thinkific or Udemy etc. These websites take some commission to sell your course. If you do not want to sell your course on a third party platform then you can create your website and sell it there. But in this case, the chances of your course selling is low.

So, you should create a course with nice quality and upload it on one of the platforms that I have mentioned. If your course is good enough, then the chances of making money are high. You should not compromise the quality.

One tip that I can give you on this is, you should see the market and think of a way to make your course more valuable than others, like offering low prices and giving out some zoom classes and doing live sessions. This way you can build your audience and sell your course.

Many programmers are selling their courses online. So you should also try to sell your courses.

Getting Work from LinkedIn

If you don’t know about LinkedIn, It is an amazing platform where you can find professional and potential clients. You can connect with people related to your fieldwork and you can interact with them to gain experience.

You can create your profile and apply for different jobs on LinkedIn. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are posted daily on LinkedIn. The key to getting jobs on LinkedIn is engagement with others. You must post and engage with other people in your field and make connections with them. You can put #webdevelopment On your posts.

This way you can get a web developer job easily. You can also follow hashtags and jobs post on LinkedIn. You can follow people that are experienced in the web development field.

If your skills are good enough and you market them correctly on LinkedIn, then you will automatically start to get job offers and opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is also a nice method to make money as a web developer. You can create your website and start doing affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing,

In Affiliate Marketing you promote a product or service of a business and in return, you get a commission for the clicks and purchases through your referral. 

You can use affiliate marketing platforms like Cj Affiliate to promote an offer. You must have heard of amazon’s affiliate program, you can join it too.

  • Create an account on a Affiliate Marketing platform like Amazon.
  • Then pick an offer that you like to promote
  • Start promoting the offer and get commissions

And that’s it! 

If you want to generate extra income as a web developer then working as a part time affiliate marketer is not a bad idea. You can learn affiliate marketing easily from free courses or YouTube.

Creating an Online Store
Another thing that you can do to make as a web developer is make an eCommerce store.

eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce and the selling and buying of goods through the internet is know as eCommerce.

According to some stats, a newly established ecommerce stores makes around 63,000$ and 12,5000$ yearly. So if you are able to create an eCommerce store and establish it, you can make more than your full-time income.

To create an eCommerce store;

  • Firstly, you have to think you a business idea, this is the most important part of creating an eCommerce store. You need to think of a product or service that you can offer. It can be anything.
  • It can be your course that we have discussed before, or it can be your web developing products etc.
  • After thinking of the idea, you have to create an eCommerce store, that you make yourself without giving a penny to someone else. Because you are a web developer yourself.
  • After creating the website, you have to make it user-friendly. You can take inspiration from another eCommerce website. You have to create a payment method for your website and many other things.
  • Now, you have to market your product and make your website SEO friendly, so that people can see your website.

If you are able to run an eCommerce store successfully, you can ultimately generate a full-time income from it.

Creating an Agency

If you know how the online market works and you have spent a considerable amount of time in this industry. You can consider opening a web development agency.

You can recruit new web developers that are passionate about their work and need some experience to start their journey and then you can start giving them work.

You can make money as an agency from web development by outsourcing work to newbies. But remember always assure the quality of work because that is what makes an agency profitable.

Let me explain this with an example:

Assume that you have an agency and you recruit a nice web developer for your agency. Now, you get an order from a business for making a website for them for 150$ and you pass this work to the web developer that you recruited before for 120$.

So, without any effort, you just made 30$. This is how the agencies work. But you need to assure the quality of work before sending it to the client.

Become a Tutor
If nothing from the given option suits you, then you can move on to teaching the stuff that you know online in live classes. There are hundreds of people who are making thousands of dollars tutoring online.

You can become a web development tutor to make money. Platforms like studypool are giving this opportunity to skilful people. According to studypool, a person is making 5,700 dollars monthly from their platform by just tutoring students online.

If you are interested in teaching the stuff you know to others then you can give tutoring a try and make money through web development knowledge that you have.


We have discussed the top ways of making money with web development, but we understand that a huge topic like web development can not be discussed in such a small blog article, so we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about web development.

Will you start making money instantly?
If you want to start making money as a web developer then you can not start making money instantly. If you choose to work on a freelancing platform then you will have to prove yourself.

And that is the only way you can make money from web development. Wherever you go, even if you go for a corporate job or maybe some agency, you have to first prove your skills that you know what they want and there is no better option available for them than you.

Is web development a good career?
It is absolutely a great career choice. There are millions of websites on the internet and there will be a need for more websites. If any business or institute wants to make their online presence. 

Then they have to create a website for them. And for that, they will need a web developer. Today websites are making thousands of dollars a month, from blogs, affiliate marketing and many other ways and people are getting interested more and more in making money from websites. So, Yes web development is a good career.

Can web development make you rich?
Yes, but it depends that how you make your web developing skills to use. If your skills are top level and you know how to market your skills then you are going to get a lot of clients.

After getting the clients, if your communication skills are great and you can negotiate with your clients with great ease and you are able to convince them for whatever you want, then no one on earth can stop you from becoming rich as a web developer.

Which programming language is best for web development?
There are many programming languages like java and php that are used to create websites, but people are slowly shifting towards python because of its simplicity and ease of use. 

So, today python is best for building a website. Python is not as popular as java or php but the work flow on python is really smooth and nice. Python is also used to conduct data analysis, create software’s and automating tasks other than building websites.

Can I start web development at 40?
If you have some basic knowledge of mathematics, then you can start web development at any age. You don’t have to be a young 20 years old to learn web development or coding in general.

You can learn web development at any age, there are ton of amazing course that are available online. If you are interested in programming and you know some maths, then you are good to start. If you keep on practicing then you can become better programmer than a 20 year old.

This article was about making money with web development. We have discussed many ways to make a side income or generate a full income as a web developer, depending in the amount of effort you put in the work.

In this blog, we have discussed the following ways to make money as a web developer:

  • Working as a Freelancer
  • Applying for Permanent Employment
  • Woking on a Contract
  • Start Blogging
  • Getting Clients from LinkedIn
  • Creating an Agency
  • Making Digital Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing and you can start by signing up with Expertnaire
  • Creating an eCommerce online store
  • Tutoring on studypool

These were the top ways to make money as a web developer. After that, we have tried to answer the FAQ by the people. You can follow these ways to become rich as a web developer. If you choose any of the above-given ways and work on them properly, then you may end up making a full-time income. 

You can start even if you are 40 or above, there is no age of learning and exploring new knowledge. You can become a web developer at any age.

So, what are you waiting for?

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