Legit or Not: 72IG Implementation Program Review: Best Affiliate Marketing course

If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing course or program, then I present to you, 72IG implementation Course or program. Without any hyping but honest review, with this program, you are going to make a lot of money and get rich within days because you are likely to be making from N100k to N900k every week. 

Is that even possible? 

Of course it is Possible. Just hang on because I’m going to show you how. What you are about to read is a complete honest review from me as an Affiliate marketer with Expertnaire. 

So without much delay, let’s jump in. 

What is the 72IG Implementation Program or Course? 

72IG implementation Program – Kingsman.com.ng

The 72IG implementation program is a step by step course developed by the founder of expertnaire. The course is aimed at taking you from zero into an expert in affiliate marketing with N100k to N900k as weekly earnings. 

This program is an online making money course and an affiliate marketing training program, which involves teaching its students and users some high income-earning skills and strategy needed to sell out digital products and generate income.

This program is broken into parts, it has its first part (Part 1) and the second part (Part 2). 

72IG implementation – kingsman.com.ng

The first part is referred to as the “The 72IG Implementation Program”.  This part enlightens and puts you through how to merge email marketing and PPC traffic, in order to publicize and market products on and off expertnaire to generate income.

72IG WhatsApp – kingsman.com.ng

While the second part of this program entails “The 72ig WhatsApp Income Generator ” which is solely being focused on WhatsApp marketing. With this, you can use WhatsApp and Expertnaire to generate income online.

In case you don’t know, there are varieties of income skills in this program, which I will highlight below, you might find the one that suits your desire;

  • Paid advertising course worthing N60k
  • Sales Funnel Building course worthing N40k 
  • WhatsApp Marketing course worthing N70k
  • Email Marketing course worthing N30k
  • Split Testing course worthing N67k
  • Copywriting course worthing N13k
  • Facebook Marketing course worthing N50k
  • Instagram Marketing course worthing N50k
  • Twitter growth hacking course worthing N20k 
  • Web development course worth N80k and many more. 

All these aforementioned amazing income skills are packaged in The 72IG Implementation Program worths N480k but you will get all for free with just one course titled “72IG implementation program or course ”

Having discussed The 72IG Implementation Program, then what exactly is the 72IG system?

The 72IG Marketing Systems

This “72IG SYSTEMS” involves the sales every user must take to turn an ordinary person from a prospect to a buyer of the products he or she recommends or promotes. This invariably describes the various stages one must follow to market/sell/recommend products and make cool cash on Expertnaire.

The Types Of 72IG systems

Whatsapp Status Class Sale System: 

On this method, it involves making use of the Whatsapp platform, It entails using the WhatsApp status to add people to a WhatsApp group, having done this, you would be able to organize and hold a class, by using the opportunity to pick any of the products you are willing to promote on expertnaire and discuss regarding it. Once you call it a day, you can issue your affiliate link so your student can glance through the product you recommended. If any of your students make a purchase using your link, you get a commission at your end.

Facebook Ad Whatsapp Class System: 

This is another method you shouldn’t miss, it involves you taking advantage of your Facebook account to bring people to your WhatsApp class, Using this method you will have to run what we call “Facebook Ad” running a Facebook ad is common among bloggers who lack organic traffic, but we are not discussing about blogging here, let’s face our business. You can run Facebook ads, to draw lots of people to your WhatsApp class, pick any of the products of your choice you are wishing to publicize on expertnaire and discuss, at the ending of the class, you give them, the affiliate links related to the product and you earn a commission once they successfully placed an order.

What is affiliate marketing?

When we say “affiliate” it means something that is officially attached or being connected to an organization, so what affiliate marketing means is a type of business where an individual recommends/sells his or her products, (it might be a physical product or a digital product) to people who are craving for such. You can read more about affiliate marketing here  

A Brief Understanding Of The 72IG Affiliate Marketing Business

Just as we highlighted above, This 72IG Affiliate Marketing makes use of its system model to recommend/sell amazing digital products to its audience, who are in need of such products badly, The buyer also earns in doing the same.

Step On How To Run Affiliate Marketing using the 72ig System

Step 1

This is the first stage to making your million from affiliate marketing. On this step, you will have to select a cool and amazing product that your targeted audience is currently searching for.

For example, presently in Nigeria, a product on relationships, Jobs and scholarships, and earning money online, will be very lucrative and reach many audiences.

So Invariably. What I am trying to say here is that if you want to select your products, you might want to make the above I mentioned your area of concentration.

Step 2

The second step to embark on here is to recommend/sell/promote the product you selected to the audience, who are currently in need of it. Below I will give illustrations and instances.

If your product is based on a medical niche, you will have to locate a medical institution or medical body to sell off your product to them, so if you try recommending a product based on engineering to a doctor, you will have wasted your efforts. This is why you should know what people are currently searching and craving for, once you have the knowledge of this, then BOOM!! you are okay to recommend that product or related one to them and get your commission.

Step 3

After I have explained the above and have discovered how to target what your audience is looking for, the next step to take here is to give them the link, to the product you recommend to them, once if you have done this, and they fall in love with the product then surely they will place an order, then you will have your commission. Cool right?

Let me burst your bubbles. Now think about, what if the affiliate product you recommended is N100,000, having a commission percentage of 50%, and you successfully sold 10 copies to your audience, you would have made nothing less than N500,000.

Let me shock you again.

In a situation where you used/implemented this “72ig system” and ended up selling another 40 more copies. If you could try this trick out you would be in millions. The illustration N50,000 x 40 = N2,000,000.

So invariably, all these steps and processes of thinking on how to locate the best product to market, How to go on marketing it, and finally selling more of it, or what we referred to as scaling, is exactly what the 72ig implementation program system is trying to give a picture.

I believe now I’ve answered your question “is it possible to make 100k to 900k weekly on affiliate marketing implementing ideas in this course… ”

Before proceeding in discussing more regarding this 72IG Implementation Program, have you ever thought, who is the mastermind behind all this, the course director and owner of the 72ig program?

72ig Course Owner/Director | Toyin Omotoso

In case you don’t know who is the mastermind behind all this 72IG Affiliate Marketing of a thing Mr. Tosho Omotosho is the brain and the owner of this popular and controversial training program. With brilliant ideas, he has lifted over a hundred Nigerians who are willing to participate in his program out of poverty.

He is an Internet marketing expert and trained many Nigerians on how to single-handedly make legit cash money, for a decade now Toyin has mentored/tutored many able Nigerians who are willing to make money online, he has many online businesses, where he normally generate his revenue from, by simply making use of his techniques. Not only does he train and tutor people on how to make money online, but he also guides them on how to achieve their potential, by guiding them on the steps needed to be taken to develop their own online marketing business.

Toyin Omotosho acquire his internet marketing skills, alongside skilled internet marketers like; Patrick Ogidi, Fisayo Akinlolu, Ronald Nzimora, Akin Alabi, and other bys their mentor “Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase” However Toyin has maintained his mark, as he prove to be a successful internet marketer.

It’s not a new thing, you will find mega websites like this, companies and organizations hailing and commending him for his good work. You can however follow him on these social media handles, as he is available on Facebook and Twitter.

Now that I have let you guys know what the 72ig is all about, and who’s the founder and owner, are we sure that we could trust this program, is it a legit program or a scam? Let’s find out below.

72IG Program a Foe or a Friend (Scam or legit)

There are certainly tons of people out there who believe that this platform is nothing compared to a Ponzi scheme. This set of people are the ones who have never tried to use any make-money-online opportunity when it comes their way.

They believe that any online making money platform isn’t legit, secondly, people who would take this as a scam are those who have previously been scammed before by one online Ponzi scheme, Having them fell into the trap of a fake online money making platform, they will now conclude that anything, which has to do with making money online is a scam, If you are reading this and you have the same mindset with them, you are totally wrong.

This program as I explained earlier is not a dubious program, it Is not a malicious program, it is a genuinely legit online training program, which you use to learn how to market any digital or physical products online and get a commission for every purchase.

While I registered, I found out that the course is pleasing and as promised they are all accurate, this we will look into later. You might be wondering what’s the correlation between expertnaire and this 72ig program. Well, I will discuss and shed light regarding this below.

The correlation between Expertnaire.com and the 72ig program

First of all, let me explain what the expertnaire website is all about first; This is an affiliate marketing site, which has many and varieties of digital products listed by the course vendor/owner, where members are opportune to join and make money.

Let me burst your bubbles, In case you don’t know Toyin Omotosho owns both the 72ig program and the Expertnaire. This is the correlation between the two, and the major reason behind you having two-way access to the Expertnaire program. You might be wondering what are these two way access, well they include:

The access via the expertnaire plafrorm

The access directly via te expertnaire affiliate website.

Before we move further let’s examine how the 72ig implementation program works?

How does the 72ig Implementation program work?

While enrolling on this, you will acquire tons of implementation strategies laid down by Toyin. For the purpose of what I explained above, The Y2IG Implementation course possesses six steps which I would highlight below;

72IG Implementation course or Program

Step 1

Sign up by buying the 72IG implementation course or program. 

If you are Interested and  ready to earn, you should sign up via this link, once this is done, please send me a sales screenshot. I’ll confirm from my dashboard. After signing up by buying the course, you will be granted automatic access to the expertnaire platform

Why do you need to sign up using my affiliate link?  

By signing up using my affiliate link, you will be granted immediate access to my paid external affiliate marketing training group. The group is packed with lots of Affiliate marketing coaches. 

Benz- external Affiliate marketing WhatsApp training – kingsman.com.ng

The group will serve as a community where you can share your challenges in affiliate marketing as well as get instant help in regarding dealing with prospects. Joining my mentorship costs N80k but you will get access for free. All you need do is to sign up using my link and send a screenshot. 

Step 2

After you have done the above, what’s after this is to go through the lesson tutorials. Don’t just go through them, you should ensure you watch them.

Step 3

This is the implementation process, Pick your preferred digital product (you could access them for free at the expertnaire website)

Step 4

Promotion | Once you have selected your product from the expertnaire website, can now promote it using any of the various 72ig systems of your desire.

Step 5

Sales | Make your sales.

Step 6

Once this is done you will get your commission, all commissions accumulated during the week would be sent to users’ bank accounts on Fridays.

Below are reasons why the 72ig Implementation Training is awesome and an alternative to any Ponzi platform out there as I will also give instances.

As you become a member of this product, you are granted access to over 60 affiliate products to pick from the Expertnaire site and then promote.

With the aid of expernaire, you need not search elsewhere for digital products to promote, Because, with your free access to expertnaire, you will be privileged to pick from their hot selling products and promote.

Direct your audience to your products page.

Like I have highlighted above, use all the strategies, I stated, and send your targeted audience to the product page.

Make Your Sales.

Once your audience has successfully purchased the product you recommend using the affiliate link, you would be notified of a successful order being placed regarding an expertnaire.

How Different is the 72IG Implementation Program

This program is way different from others, which will put you through the affiliate marketing system in five ways. Toyin is still on his ground, and still practicing what he teaches; he had to be a successful and respectful internet marketer over the years. In terms of direct response and branding, the brain behind the 72IG implementation program excels more in this.

Normally, I am against reviewing any product or program, except if I have used or tested it competently before. In my quest of using this program, I will drop some vital things I discovered that make Toyin Omotosho entirely directly different from other marketers, who teach affiliate marketing.

1. He is done learning and he is still implementing what he teaches

He has however shown us how he uses and practices what he teaches to get results.

If you are examining his training modules, you would hint at some of his modules that earned him N2M, 6M, and above.

Furthermore, he has also laid down steps and documented all the templates he used in earning massively, for users, when they are about to start.

2. He is recognized and respected by his field colleagues (other internet marketers)

Major Internet marketing organizations in Nigeria always end up making reference to Toyin and recommending him, because he is a key player in Nigeria’s affiliate marketing industry. More so, you can follow him on social media. He is active on Facebook and Twitter, ensuring you do this, so you could gain more knowledge from his posts and tweets regarding the 72IG program.

3. In terms of branding and direct response, he excels more.

If you are his active follower on social media, you would have come across his email newsletter titled as, “lettersfromToyinOm­otoso”

On his quest in building his brand, one thing for sure is that in order to work with him as a consultant, you might need close to a million naira.

4. He is a student of his own success when mastering his craft in copies that sell.

Well, I learned that success is not a straight-line thing, from Toyin. What is trying to insinuate here is that you might be happy and confident that in 2021 you would achieve 20 goals, but if care is not taken, you might surprisingly end up not being able to meet up to even 2 goals.

Having Toyin created the strategies to succeed with his affiliate-related program, He has made millions of naira, using the copies that he sold on the internet, through books, content, and email marketing.

How Much Does This 72ig Implementation Training Really Cost?

There is a saying that says you need money to make money. Without having your capital, you won’t be able to enroll in the program.

All participants are required to pay a sum of N50,000 in order to enroll in the 72ig Implementation Training program. Once payment has been successfully placed you would get free membership on Expertnaire.

Literally, if you should register on Expertnaire using my Affiliate Link, as a premium member, via the 72IG program. You no longer need to pay N10,000, which is originally required of the ordinary Affiliate and you are also entitled to free external mentorship program on affiliate marketing. 

The only difference here is that, when you successfully register as a 72IG member, you would be able to get access to all the lessons I discussed on this page.

For more understanding of the differences, I will further discuss why you would need to join the Expertnaire, Via the 72Ig program.

10 factors needed to be considered while Joining Expertnaire as an Ordinary Member versus you joining via the 72IG Program

1. If you register on Expertnaire as an Ordinary member, it grants you access to only the expertnaire affiliate website and products, which only gives you minimum usage. Compared to joining expertnaire via the 72 Ig, you would be granted access to lots and lots of things, including a complete tutorial and lessons on how to market your product and earn.

2. You being a 72Ig student, will get tutored and trained via the 72IG Implementation Program. You would be put through on how to market products on the net, with the aid of email marketing and PPC traffic. This is a tutorial that steps up your digital marketing skills to the next level. If you are an ordinary member you won’t be able to get all these goodies.

3. The third factor here is, you being a student of the 72IG program, you will be privileged to get 72IG Whatsapp income generator Program; this entails a full and accurate training regarding, steps on how you make use of your mobile phone to make money via the aid of WhatsApp, Also as an ordinary member, you won’t be able to enjoy this privilege.

4. If you join the program via the 72IG, you would be educated and tutored on how you can scale your online business via affiliate marketing, With just some simple techniques as a 72Ig student. But you won’t enjoy this as an ordinary member.

5. You grab lots of training resources, if only you join as 72IG members, Which includes both the Implementation and the Whatsapp training.

6. You would be granted access to the exclusive weekly live lessons and classes, and if you are privileged to ask questions and lay issues that need to be addressed.

7. As a 72IG student you would be granted premium access to the Exclusive 72ig Facebook community, which an ordinary member won’t be given.

8. Toyin Omotosho is the course vendor of the 72IG program, and also plays the same role as the Expertnaire Boss.

9. If you register as a 72IG member, you will get a commission of 50% on every sale you make, But you won’t be able to enjoy 50% commission as an ordinary member but 30%.

To register and get started earning massively, Hurry up and register by buying the course on expertnaire via this affiliate marketing link

Who should consider going for this Course?

I want you guys to know that this 72IG Implementation Program is not for everyone, In the sense that people who are not ready to remit the registration fee, and people who see this program as a scam.

This is established for those who are business-minded, people who are willing and ready to become an online marketer and believe it would elevate their financial status.

It is also made for persons, who are looking forward to getting the full delivery of training and tutorials regarding Toyin’s 72IG implementation and the WhatsApp program.

It is also for those who are willing to increase their business, e.g. a person who is selling products like bags, electronics foods, perfume, clothes, shoes, and other physical products.

If you want to test the competence of this and see how it works, for instance, you reside in lekki, and you have substantive knowledge of how the 72IG system works, it is advisable for you to run social media ads targeting people’s only in lekki and start marketing your products, using either Facebook or WhatsApp to earn cool cash.

Many successful internet marketers today, who followed Toyin’s blueprints did this and are still doing this today.

Back to our discussion, The beauty and uniqueness of this program is that you can apply it to any products you market online, it is not only limited to Expertnaire products or its popular courses.

According to my personal research before going on writing down this lengthy article, I have come across a woman who implemented the 72IG system. In Surulere, she was just a food vendor and she sells over 2 million nairas. So literally, you can implement this method on anything.

Get started now. Register on Expertnaire via this affiliate marketing link. 

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