How To start Affiliate Marketing 2021/ 2022 Guide

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive and updated guide and information on Affiliate Marketing… Congrats you just landed on the one page that covers all you need in regards to how to start doing Affiliate Marketing for 2021 and 2022. 

This comprehensive query will cover the following sections of Affiliate marketing. 

  • What is Affiliate Marketing 
  • How has Affiliate Marketing Evolved in 2021
  • Future of Affiliate Marketing in 2022 
  • Why choose to start doing Affiliate Marketing 
  • How much money can be made with Affiliate Marketing 
  • Where to start Affiliate Marketing
  • The best Affiliate Marketing training course for beginners 2021/2022 supported 
  • Which affiliate marketing technique worked for beginners in 2021 
  • Which Affiliate marketing technique will still work in 2022 

There is lots of information contained in this single blog post so I’ll suggest you take your time to relax and read through. At the end of this blog post I’ll be giving out a package and it will be accessible by those who take actions after reading this comprehensive guide on starting Affiliate Marketing for 2021 and 2022 (foresee). 

So without further Ado, let’s get started. 

What is Affiliate Marketing 

What is affiliate marketing

Before jumping right into what affiliate marketing is, I’ll like to show you something. Take a look at the two screenshots below. These screenshots are from Expert Aire. 

They are sales alerts from the Affiliate marketing system I use which is expertnaire and honestly speaking they both came in while making this guide. Each gave me a commission of N20,000 which is N40,000 from both sales. 

How would you feel waking up to a daily sale alert with a commission of N20,000 and all you did is use your phone…. Wow… This is how I felt when I initially started. And you too can make such an amount and more by doing affiliate marketing. 

What then is Affiliate Marketing and how do you start doing Affiliate marketing? 

In simple terms without much fuss and hyping, Affiliate marketing is the process of digital marketing whereby you recommend useful products to people who need them. And when a sale is achieved you make money in the form of commission. 

Let me make it easier to understand. Let’s assume you are already an affiliate Marketer and you recommend a course worth N50,000 having a commission rate of 25% titled “how to make money online” to Me, and I buy it, that is a whooping sum of N25,000 for you. 

Now you’re able to make more sales, let’s say ten (10) more sales, that is N25,000 x 10 = N250,000…. Wow….!!! Is that what I think it is… Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira just selling one product…!! 

That is affiliate marketing and how it works. It is a form of digital marketing funneling down cash daily to anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing and follows the latest updated strategy. 

How has Affiliate marketing evolved in 2021


Affiliate Marketing started with just a single idea. I call this idea a middle man idea where you have someone connect a buyer and a seller together and once a sale is achieved, the middle man gets a commission either from the seller or the buyer. 

Affiliate Marketing evolved from the middle man idea. The difference here is that unlike the middle man idea, an affiliate Marketer does the entire sales process. He connects the buyer to himself like he’s the owner and once a sale is made, he immediately gets his commission. 

A lot of digital organizations and businesses just like Amazon, Jumia, Clickbank, Expertnaire and the likes saw a great potential in employing the services of an affiliate marketer so they introduced a sale system called Affiliate Marketing in their website. It Is open to everyone of every age. 

This development gave everyone the avenue to make money recommending useful digital and physical products. Below is an updated 2021 Affiliate Marketing statistic that shows the increase in the need for Affiliate Marketers and an estimate of how much has been made with affiliate marketing both the company and the affiliate marketers. 

Because of the great need in affiliate Marketing, a lot of different information and training have been generated. The most commonly taught technique in almost all affiliate marketing courses is “Selling Using A blog or How to start doing affiliate marketing with blogs’ ‘. This technique evolved recently and has proven to be one of the greatest ways to earn or do affiliate marketing in 2021. 

Because of the high number of people using it and will still use it (because lots of instructors are still teaching this technique), do you still think this technique will work in 2022 And coming years?  

What is the future of Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Answering the above question, honestly from my experience as an affiliate marketer, it will work but the result will be very low. This is because every affiliate marketer wants to harness only that technique leaving out other means of making sales as an affiliate Marketer. 

The need for affiliate marketers will increase by the year 2022 because every sector offering or providing products or rendering services now sees the need to incorporate affiliate marketing into their sales system. 

Since the normal technique of creating blogs to sell affiliate products will produce low results in 2022, what then will work? 

The only technique that is working and will still work in 2022 producing maximum results is Social Media Marketing With WhatsApp as the sale’s funnel. 

The both techniques are mostly used in Affiliate Marketing and in order to get started doing affiliate marketing, you need to learn one of the both techniques, although I’ll recommend you learn that latter. Don’t worry, in subsequent sections of this blog post, both techniques will be discussed in detail. 

Why choose to start doing Affiliate Marketing

If we decide to do a proper comparison between Affiliate Marketing and other digital skills capable of making you money daily, weekly and monthly, the result of the comparison will favor affiliate marketing because of some notable reasons. Each of these reasons are addressed below; 

Low Starting Cost

A Lot of persons keep asking this question “how much capital is required to start affiliate Marketing, Does it require much ”. Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest digital businesses anyone can venture into because it doesn’t require any capital. Although at times you do have to pay for some things, those things you pay for are not classified as affiliate marketing capital. 

The only things pay for when you want to start affiliate marketing are 

  • Registration fee: This is only Applicable if you want to start doing affiliate marketing with expertnaire. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Training: This section is where you get to learn the perfect technique required to make maximum sales as an Affiliate Marketer. 

Expertnaire has one of the best affiliate Marketing courses for total beginners. The Training exposes you to learning the following; Web development, Copywriting, Social media marketing, Ads campaign, SEO, Email marketing and many more. 

Read more about Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Course. 

  • Hosting and domain: This is only applicable if you want to start affiliate marketing with a blog. 
  • Ads: It is not compulsory. You only pay for ads if you want to make sales faster than usual.  

Low Risk 

Affiliate Marketing is the only business you do that requires  very little risk. The reason I said so is because it depends on how you started affiliate marketing and the technique you are using. 

If you started with Expertnaire(my recommended company to start affiliate marketing with), then you only paid for the registration and possibly the training. Products you’re promoting are not yours and in the end, you would have learnt more skills than Worth’s over N100,000 for a small amount. 

If you started affiliate Marketing with the blogging technique then you must have only paid for domain and hosting, then probably the training. It doesn’t matter because you must have started blogging while doing affiliate marketing which is another skill capable of earning you money weekly and monthly. 

In general it doesn’t matter how you choose to get started, the risk involved is close to being called zero/ nothing. 

Easy to scale  

Unlike other digital businesses that take time to establish, Affiliate marketing is one business that can get established in less than a week depending on how you started. If you started with the blog technique, ranking on Google where you get organic sales from is quite easy. All you need to do is to pick the right keywords, choose a niche different, less competitive and you’re good to go. 

But if you decide to go with Social media Marketing, it will take a day to get started. All you need is to properly set up your social media account and start the process. You can possibly make a sale that very day. 

Once you have made your first sale, scaling up into making daily sales is no longer difficult Because you have already set up your foundation which happens to be the way you started and achieved your first sale. 

Lots of information on selling Techniques 

One sure thing about affiliate marketing is that there is lots of information online, there are lots of WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook help groups. There are also lots of selling techniques. You first need to identify which company to start affiliate marketing with and the technique to use. 

Like I earlier said, there are lots of techniques online but the two most used ones are “selling with a blog and selling with social media ”. More information on the both will be dished out later. 

How much Money can I make as an Affiliate Marketer 

This very question is one interesting question everyone needs to ask before venturing into any business. Honestly when I started affiliate marketing, I also asked my mentor this very question and he said;

as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria you can make as much as N100,000 weekly, if you’re serious and willing to put in the required work and effort”

In my first week, guess how much I made, I made N3750, second week I made nothing, third week still nothing till my fourth week which I made N45,000. From that day, I started making weekly sales and cash out of N100,000 to N900,000 From expertnaire. 

You can make as much as N100,000 to N1,000,000 from affiliate marketing weekly only if you decide to put in the work needed. Selling digitally is different from selling physically and you require a certain level of psychological understanding as well as copy writing to succeed very well as affiliate marketing, except you want to start your affiliate journey with a blog. 

First of all, I want you to know that you can become a millionaire with affiliate marketing and it can happen in your first week or first month. Secondly I want you to know that without consistency and the right mindset and strategy, you could make little or nothing. 

Types of Products to promote 

They are two types of products to promote as an affiliate marketer. These products are 

  • Digital Products and
  • Physical products. 

All the products you will be entitled to promote as an affiliate marketer belong to one of the two types of products. 

The big question here is “which type of products should you promote as an affiliate marketer”

Honestly, that choice is yours and the affiliate company you choose to work with. I actually recommend you promote digital products in the form of guides, courses, software and audios/videos. 

As an affiliate marketer with Expertnaire, I promote Digital Products and the digital product I promote is courses. This is because Education is the highest investment anyone can invest into. You can decide to invest into learning how to improve yourself or make money online. 

The hottest niche in the Internet industry is making money online and I Promote courses on Make money online. Well if you don’t know which niche to promote or course, don’t worry, I’ll touch on that area soon. 

Requirements to start Affiliate marketing

Before we jump right into the full step, let’s go through a quick checklist containing the requirements to start affiliate marketing. 

Before starting affiliate marketing, you need the following. 

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection 
  • Social media accounts like Facebook and WhatsApp

If you have gone through the check above and you have ascertained that you have all the requirements, let’s get started with the full step by step guide on how to start doing affiliate marketing for 2021/ 2022. 

How to start Doing Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose your niche

One challenge everyone gets faced when starting out is the issue of Niche. The question is always

“Where do I fit in, which topic am I passionate about, the one I’m choosing, will it be good for affiliate marketing? ”

All these questions can get you overwhelmed and you may miss out on your perfect niche. So I’d like to Properly address this issue. 

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche? Perfectly said, a niche is an area in a group of subject that can be picked. A niche is like an umbrella that covers lots of sections. If you take the blogging industry as a case, there are lots of niches available. We have the entertainment niche, food niche, information niche and so on. 

Bringing that concept into affiliate Marketing, because you are promoting products, you have already chooden a niche which is Affiliate Marketing. This is because affiliate marketing is another broad niche in the blogging industry. 

Now that we have established that you are in a blogging niche, let’s narrow it down because the niche is broad. Unfortunately, there are not many segments available. But we can still find something. 

We have Digital Products and Physical products as the types of affiliate products you can promote. Now you have chosen one among the both. Once you have successfully done that, congratulations, you have successfully started the journey. 

2. Find good affiliate Programs to join 

After choosing a niche for yourself, the next step is to decide on which affiliate Program to join. There are three types of Affiliate Program. Each affiliate program works differently and pays differently. The three types of affiliate programs are discussed below. 

You can go through the types of affiliate programs or still scroll to the section of this step where I recommended my best affiliate marketing program to join. 

Types affiliate marketing program. 

They are three major types of affiliate marketing programs. These programs define how each of the affiliate marketing companies works. The programs are; 

A. High-paying, low-volume affiliate programs

These types of programs are new to the industry. They have good products but end up having low buyers or search volume. One good thing about this affiliate program is that they pay very well. 

If you happen to be new in the industry and have a wrong selling technique then this type of affiliate program is not for you. But with the right technique you can make the most out of this. 

The perfect technique that will work with this type of Affiliate Program is Social Media Marketing. This is because you won’t wait for buyers to look for it as it is still new. Instead you look for buyers that could solve their problem and promote them. 

But if you should go with the Web technique, you may not make any sale with this affiliate Marketing Program. 

B. Low-paying, high-volume affiliate programs

This Program has lots of search volume but low commission. This is because the demand for the product is high and there are lots of affiliate Marketers dominating that niche. 

This type of program is easy to make sales and make commission but the pay is very very very low. 

C. High-paying, high-volume affiliate programs

This is the best affiliate marketing program you can work with. This type of program pays huge commission and their affiliate  Products are highly sought after. 

Example of such a program is Expertnaire which happens to be my recommended affiliate marketing program. 

My Recommended best Affiliate Marketing program

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs out there, I recommend starting with Expertnaire because of the following: 

  • Payment is every Friday 
  • Products are digital products 
  • They sell mostly courses and education is wealth. 
  • They have high commission rate of 50% to 90%  

I specially use Expertnaire because of the aforementioned reasons. One of the reasons why I strongly recommend Expertnaire is because they teach you how to become a professional Affiliate marketer too.

Get started with Affiliate Marketing by learning and selling. 

3. Generate Traffic

You have chosen your niche and the perfect affiliate marketing system to use, the next thing is getting traffic. This is because without traffic you won’t make any sale and without any sale you won’t make any money. 

There are lots of ways of getting traffic but they are only two recognized and widely used means. The two means are known as the techniques for generating traffic. 

Techniques for generating Traffic  for Affiliate marketing

The two techniques widely used are Social media marketing and Blogging. They both work differently and require different setups. Both techniques are discussed below. 

Social Media Marketing Technique

This technique is highly profitable but rarely used in generating traffic for affiliate Marketing. This technique is definitely worth learning and using because it will help in scaling up your affiliate marketing business. 

This mode of generating technique requires a great knowledge of Direct Response Copywriting because you will be communicating directly with the prospect. It also requires that you set up your social media in a way that shows exactly what you do and promote as an affiliate marketer. 

Below is a step by step walk through on using The Social Media method. 

1. Creating and optimizing your social media account. I recommend using Facebook for prospect generating and WhatsApp for sales funnel. This is because you will be able to quantify your audience using your WhatsApp status and further make them buy your product. Your WhatsApp status will help in convincing your viewers and prospects. 

2. Get an audience from highly influential people on social media. If your social media account is properly set up, the next is to get your audience from social media for free. What you do is comment in line with the post and underneath place your money magnet. 

For Example, there is a post on Make money online. if im to comment, I’ll do it this way; 

“wow..that is wonderful.. Anyways I can show you how to… ”

3. When they have shown interest, introduce your product to them and be friendly. Try to make the prospect your friend and don’t be too salesy. 

There is a complete training on selling via social media. You can get the training on Expertnaire. As a bonus you also get to be a registered affiliate marketer with Expertnaire. Click to get it

Blog or website Technique

This technique is the most commonly used technique. Statistics show that in the year 2022, it will be saturated with lots of mentors and affiliate marketers thereby reducing the efficiency of the technique. 

But notwithstanding, it is one of the best techniques and I’ll be showing you how to use it. 

How to start Affiliate marketing blog

Before starting, you need to ensure you have already chosen a niche and the affiliate marketing platform to use. If you haven’t please refer back to the first section. If you have, we can proceed now. 

1. Get Hosting and domain 

This technique requires that you own a live and running website. So you need to get a domain and hosting. If you’re from Nigeria, I’ll suggest you get them from domainking. You can get and hosting for less than N8,000. 

2. Design or develop the site  

Before this process, I’ll suggest you install WordPress CMS to make your work easier. Once that is done, then you need to install a theme that has pre-made ecommerce templates. Examples of such themes are Astra and Themify. Install one of the premade themes and customize it using your elementor plugin. 

Below is a complete video on how to build an affiliate website from scratch. 

3. Create great content 

After the website is up and running, the next thing is to create contents and add your affiliate link. The content should be one that is easy to read and skim through. 

4. Optimize your website.

The aim of using this technique is to ensure you get an audience from google. With that in mind, you need to start optimizing your website for easy ranking. Once your site starts ranking, that means you will start getting clicks and sales. 

Below is a complete video on how to create an affiliate website down to making your first sale from it. Please ensure you watch it.

What I Recommend you do to start Affiliate Marketing now

If you have gotten to this section, I want to congratulate you. You have completed the theory aspect of getting started with Affiliate Marketing. Now it’s time to get started.  

They are many courses online that teaches affiliate marketing but I suggest and strongly recommend you start with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing course. This is because the course teaches you all you need to know in regards affiliate marketing, teaches you the easiest way go generate traffic from Facebook and twitter and also gets you started as an affiliate Marketer.

It is a full plugin to get started doing affiliate marketing for 2021 and 2022. The techniques taught in the training are the techniques that will work in 2022 and subsequent coming years. You can get the course and training here. 

I recommend you my full review article on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing course (72IG implementation course) before getting started. 

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