Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

Hey, Are you looking for a beginner course for cryptocurrency? Or do you need some info about cryptocurrency and you want to know why you should learn cryptocurrency? , then keep on reading!

In this blog article, we are going to understand cryptocurrency and we will also review a cryptocurrency course by Expertnaire that you can get as a complete beginner. 

We will discuss the full course details in this blog article along with the pricing. It is a full review which covers all factors like the course outline, pricing and we will also tell you if it’s worth your time or not.

After reading this article, you can decide for yourself whether you need this course or not.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

So, let’s start with learning some basic information about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can trade to get some profit. It is encrypted to verify its authentication and it is not controlled by any central govt Or bank.

The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin which was created in 2009 and a Japanese person named Satoshi Nakamoto created it.

The first price of bitcoin was 0.00$ but it has increased to more than 42,223.80$ today according to the market rates and chances are it will increase. It is not a stable currency, the rates have constant changes that are very hard to predict.

There are two ways to buy cryptocurrency, number 1 is to buy it from somebody who owns it and number 2, you can mine it yourself. Mining requires a lot of computing power and electricity, that’s why it is not a good option for people. This is why people buy it from one another and the value of cryptocurrency increases and decreases with the trades. 

Experts say that this technology has the potential to replace paper currency and it is possible that in future, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or ethereum would be used for normal purchasing like paper currency is being used now.

Why do you need to learn Cryptocurrency?

Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

According to Statistics, the 24h trading volume of cryptocurrency is 12.67bn$, the size of the blockchain market worldwide is 1.2bn$ and the worldwide blockchain wallet users are more than 80m. And also This is increasing day by day

These stats speak that the cryptocurrency industry is a booming industry and this decade is perfect to start learning more about cryptocurrency and how it works.

If you can learn cryptocurrency, then you can make a lot of money through it. You’ll know where to invest and when to invest in crypto because you will know the working of this industry and how you can make the best out of it.

After learning cryptocurrency you can also become a crypto expert, and charge people for your services.

The other reason to learn crypto is that it can be the future, and as I said before it could possibly replace paper currency.

 So, learning it at this specific time can be helpful for you in the future.

You know the basic definition of cryptocurrency and you know why you should learn it. Now, Let’s see where you can learn more about cryptocurrency.

We have reviewed a Cryptocurrency course by Expertnaire which covers all aspects of cryptocurrency. You can read further for a detailed review.


Expertnaire helps creators to sell their digital products on their digital marketplace. They have a network of affiliates who help the creators to sell their product. Expertnaire is owned by Toyin Omotoso who is a Nigerian Marketing expert.

Expertnaire has great creators and their courses are worth the price. They also have a cryptocurrency course which we are going to talk about.

“Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint” by Expertnaire

Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint is a course by Expertnaire. As the name suggests, this course is based on cryptocurrency and the things that you need to know about it.

After this course you will be able to identify which cryptocurrency you can invest in and how you can make your investment double or even more than that.

Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint is a video course and you are given a step by step tutorial for everything. 

This course has the following two parts:

  1. The beginners guide to invest in crypto assets
  2. The Crypto Profit list

Now, let’s discuss what you are going to learn in these parts.

1. The beginners guide to invest in crypto assets

Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

In the first part of the Expertnaire Crypto Course you will learn many important things about cryptocurrency, some of which are these:

Buying cryptocurrency

In the start of the first part, you will learn how you can buy a cryptocurrency and where you can buy a cryptocurrency and what are the methods to buy them. It is a full tutorial, you will learn everything about buying cryptocurrency.

Crypto wallets

Crypto wallets are important to save your cryptocurrency assets. After buying cryptocurrency, the next thing that they will teach you is how you can make a secure cryptocurrency wallet for yourself.

Safety from hackers

Hacking is becoming common and different hackers try to steal cryptocurrency coins online.

In the first part of the course, you will also learn how you can save your crypto coins from hackers and how you can make them more secure so that no one can touch your assets except you.

Crypto Scams

With the rise of cryptocurrency, scammers are also at their peak to trick people and deceive them.

In this part of the course, you will also learn about different types of scams that are common in the crypto industry. 

You will learn to spot a scam and how you can make yourself secure from these scams.

Getting big returns

Now comes the real stuff, getting big returns. In the first part of the course, you will also learn how you can get really big returns from smaller alt-coins. 

You can turn 100$ into 500$ to 1000$ and so on.

If you learn everything carefully, then these returns can get even bigger to 50 to 100x.

Recycling money

You will also learn to recycle money for more profits. This will help you to not lose any money and you will learn to earn more profits from cryptocurrency.


Investing money at the right place and at the right time is very important to make money in the crypto industry. In this course, you will also learn how to identify and analyse where to invest and when to invest. 

It is really hard to predict which cryptocurrency will make you the most profit in the next 5 years. But, if you know how to analyse these things then you will be able to make more money than you think you can.

 And Much more….

Apart from all of this information, you will get all the needed information in the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint.

They have covered all the tactics and useful info about cryptocurrency that you can use to make money.

2. The crypto profit list

Analysing and identifying which coin will give you more profit can take a considerable amount of time.

So, in the second part of the Expertnaire Crypto Course. You will get a pre-analysed and pre-identified list of the crypto coins that will give you profit.

You can start investing right away to make some good profit. You will be given a list of 10 crypto coins that you can invest in to start your journey of cryptocurrency investment. 

The course is distributed into the following modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Understanding Cryptocurrency Language and Term
  4. The History of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  5. Introduction to Alt-Coin
  6. Investing Vs Trading
  7. Where and How to Open Your Own Safe and Secure Crypto Wallet
  8. Where to Buy Bitcoin and Other Coins
  9. How to Sell Bitcoin and Any Other Coin
  10. How to Spot a Crypto Coin that will 50x Or More
  11. When to Buy Your Alt-coins For Maximum Gains
  12. How to Setup Stop Limit Orders
  13. Top 3 Investment Portfolios to Create in Order to Reach Maximum Gains
  14. How to Track Your Portfolio For Maximum Returns
  15. How to Spot, Identify and Avoid Scams
  16. How to Keep Your Crypto Safe From Hackers.
  17. The Crypto Profit List

You can easily grab the course now from Expertnaire website using this link

Exclusive Group for Cryptocurrency 

Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

If you join the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint course by Expertnaire today, you will get access to an exclusive group that is made for people like you. This group is on the telegram app.

You will get updates for different coins that are great to invest and you will get help from experts that have better experience in the crypto industry. It is like a small community of people who are interested in cryptocurrency like you.

Not only the telegram group you also get:

30 days Money back guarantee

You get a 30 days money-back guarantee, this means if you have purchased the course and if you don’t like it or you are not satisfied with the course for some reason. You can simply get a refund.

You just need to send a refund request to the Expertnaire support team within 30 days and you will get your refund.

Pricing and Order of the Crypto Course

The current price of Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders by Expertnaire is 40,000 naira. This price can be changed if the creator wants. 

You can order this course on the Expertnaire website, you just have to visit the website and order the course. 

This is a digital course so, as soon as you have placed your order and your transaction is confirmed, you will instantly get access to the course. Get the course from the official expertnaire website

FAQs about this course

Why Should I Choose Expertnaire Crypto Course?

If you want to learn cryptocurrency and make money then

Why not?..

This course gives all the insights about cryptocurrency, you get to know how to buy and sell the coins, how to keep them safe and how to invest in them. Even they have an exclusive Telegram group for people like you.

If you are serious about learning more about crypto, then you should buy this course. 

What Type of People Should Buy The Crypto Course?

The answer to this question is simple, anyone interested in crypto can buy this course. Even if you know about crypto, you can still buy this course to get the profit list to invest in them. 

If you are a beginner then this course is ideal for you, you can become from zero to hero if you learn everything properly.

Is an Expertnaire Crypto Course Worth it?

This question comes in everyone’s mind when it comes to purchasing anything online. I can understand that it is important to analyse if the product you are purchasing is worth the money or not?

In the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint, you are getting all the things that you’ll need to get started with Crypto investing. So, it is not wrong to say that it is worth every penny or naira that you used to buy. 

Is this Course Easy to Learn?

This highly depends on your interest in cryptocurrencies. If you have a good interest in the crypto industry then you will find it easy to learn and if you have zero interest then you may face some difficulties. 

This course is made in such a way that even if you are a beginner, you can still learn easily. The course is divided in such a way that they firstly teach you the basics and then the pro level things.

So, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of the course.

Can I get the Course for free?

If you don’t have money to purchase the course and you want to learn about cryptocurrency then you should wait and save some money for this course because you can not get this for free.

The creator of this course has worked hard to make it valuable and to help people earn some profit. So, you should also respect that.

The one thing that you can do is to contact the Expertnaire support team or the creator and request them to give you the course for free. You might get the course free, but chances are really low that you’ll get it for free.

So, save some money to learn before you invest in crypto!

Will I Start Making Money Right Away?

The first question that will come to your mind before buying any course is will I start making money right after the course? 

The Answer in this case is…….

Yes! After buying the Expertnaire Crypto course, you will start to make money right away.

As I have discussed before, they will give a step by step guide towards profitable investments. Chances are, you will start earning even before the course ends.

And at the end of the course, they will also give you a loss to the best coins to invest in.

With the help of the telegram group, you will be unstoppable!

Can I Get a Refund after 30 Days?

No, It is clearly written on their website that you will only get a refund if you request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

But you can still request them for a refund, it is up to them if they consider your request or not.

FAQs about Cryptocurrency

Why is Crypto So Popular?

Almost everyone on this planet has heard of the word crypto in these few years, so what is the reason for its popularity?

This depends on some factors.

The first reason for its popularity is the constantly increasing prices of cryptos like bitcoin over the decade. People are amazed by the increase in the price every day.

Another reason for its popularity is that people are amazed by this technology. They are amazed by the blockchain system and its working.

One more thing that makes it popular is that crypto coins like bitcoin do not have any central bank and it is really secure because of their blockchain technology.

Is cryptocurrency legal?

Cryptocurrencies are legal in most of the developed countries like the USA, UK, Japan etc. Services like PayPal have also started to accept transactions in cryptocurrency. Almost 103 countries in the world recognise cryptocurrencies and are legal there.

But in countries like China, Cameron, Kuwait and Bahrain cryptocurrencies are still illegal.

Can you make great money from Cryptocurrency?

making money with Crypto currency

Yes, you can make huge money from cryptocurrencies. People who have invested in crypto in 2013 are now millionaires and have an amazing life today.

Many people are investing in cryptocurrency now also. If you miss this golden chance to make money then you will think about this your whole life that you had the chance but you missed it.

Cryptocurrencies have great potential to make money, that’s why people like Elon Musk are investing in bitcoin because they know the potential of this industry.

If you choose to invest wisely then the sky’s the limit and this crypto course will help you to invest wisely

So, the sky is your limit!

Can I Invest in Cryptocurrency On my Own?

If you are thinking of investing in crypto assets on your own and you don’t know anything about crypto currency then investing it on four own is not really a good idea.

Investing on your own when you don’t have enough information about crypto coins can be disastrous.

You first have to learn how to invest in crypto and then you will be able to invest in them with big profits.

And to learn how to invest you can get the Cryptocurrency Wealth builders Blueprint!

Is crypto the future?

Nobody has seen the future but based on some scientific calculations, experts have analysed that the crypto industry will grow and it is possible that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum will be used on a very large scale.

Based on the predictions by the experts, you can say that the crypto industry is the future!

So, if you start to invest now you can possibly become a millionaire, and by saying millionaire I didn’t mean that you’ll make millions in naira, you’ll make millions in dollars.

Buying Guide

Expertnaire Cryptocurrency Course Review

To buy the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint by Expertnaire, you will have to go to get it through this link for an exclusive offer.  and after that, you will have to enter the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email

And after that you will have to select a payment method from one of these:

  • Paystack(naira)
  • Paystack(US dollars)
  • Flutter save(naira)

After filling out this information you have to click on checkout and then you will be given options to pay from

  • Card
  • Bank
  • Direct Transfer
  • USSD
  • Visa QR

After filling out all of this information your order will be placed and you will get full access to the course and the telegram group.

If you have any problem ordering the course or you have paid for it and you didn’t get the access. You can contact the Expertnaire support team and tell them your problem, they will surely review your request and get back to you as soon as they are done.


In this blog article, we have discussed cryptocurrency and we have reviewed a course Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint by Expertnaire.

It is a well-made course. It covered all aspects of cryptocurrency and how you can buy them, where you can buy them. How to invest in crypto and how to save your crypto coins.

Expertnaire’s crypto course has also a step by step guide to creating crypto wallets and securing your crypto coins from hackers, you also get a profit list that includes cryptocurrencies that are best to Invest in. 

You also get access to an exclusive crypto group for newbies like you. You will get updates about investment in crypto in that group. You can also get investment advice from experienced people. It is like a small crypto investors community.

The price of the course is 40,000 naira. You can buy it on Expertnaire and you will get instant access to the course and the telegram group.

So, what is stopping you from becoming a millionaire? Get started with the course Now. To learn more about Crypto currency before buying, click on the link

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