Content Writing Masterpiece: Updated 2022 Content Writing Guide for Beginners

Are you a beginner and want to start content writing? Or you’re already a writer and want to update your knowledge in content writing. Congratulations, you’re on the right page.

Content writing is a vast and important section in Digital Marketing that deals with the act of writing contents for the purpose of passing information or selling. 

Blogs need content to pass information to its viewers, Business websites need content to sell their products and build a perfect audience, Even social media needs content to be able to engage with its audience on social media. 

Honestly, there is no digital establishment that doesn’t need written content. With content writing, you can get hired by lots of huge digital establishments and be paid to produce content for their blogs, you can also get hired as a freelancer, ghost writer, social media writer and guest post writer. 

Because they are lots of opportunities out there for content writing, lots of courses have been created and sent out. Unfortunately, most covers little topics and important things. That is why I have decided to create this comprehensive guide on how to start content writing for complete beginners. 

This blog contains all the information needed to get started as well as the best ways to make money from content writing. So without further ado, let’s get started…  

What is Content Writing

Content writing

“Content writing is the act of producing written contents for a blog or website for the purpose of getting leads, making sales or communicating with a large audience ”… Promise Okwuolise. 

There are lots of definitions out there both on google and scholars websites. The real definition of content writing is embedded inside every writer’s experience. 

From my personal definition, content writing is more than just writing, it is an act of completing the digital marketing process that involves trying your very best to convey information to a specified audience the right way. It involves creating written content users a company’s or blog’s buyer persona. 

Explaining further with an example, a company that sells cream will need a content writer that writes articles that are tailored towards informing or selling the company’s cream. The fact that the company is either selling or informing a large audience is the company’s buyer’s persona. 

In order to achieve the company’s needs with written contents, there are steps that need to be followed and conditions that need to be met. These conditions and steps are the building block that makes up content writing. 

These processes that need to be met are known as the content creation framework. And the step by step process is known as the content writing framework. The subsequent topics in this blog goes as far as explaining each of the above mentioned frameworks. 

What is Content Creation

Content creation / writing

The content creation framework is a couple of processes that every content writer needs to follow to be able to successfully produce quality content at a fast speed. The framework is in three phases which are; 

Phase 1: Buyer’s Persona

The buyer’s persona is a complete list of details about a company’s expected audience. This list contains information like Age, class, gender, location, and color. 

Let’s take a company that sells comics books as an example, the buyer’s persona for such company should contain information like; 

Age: 12-18yrs 

Sex: Make and female

Language: English or Native language 

Class: Jss1 to Ss 3 

The buyer’s persona will aid the content writer in understanding the type of content to produce and the language tone to employ. 

Phase 2: Buyer’s Journey 

This involves the current state of a buyer or lead. They are two buying stages which Are;

Information stage:

In this stage, a person, audience or lead is just getting to know about a product. The kind of contents you are expected to write here are contents that tend to connect a buyer’s problem with a content. 

For example, taking a blog that teaches how to make money online, contents on this stage will be centered on topics like “Why you need to make money online ”

Delight stage:

This stage in the buying process is the exact time when the buyer has identified his content and is looking for a solution for his problem. The kind of content needed in this stage are contents that answers questions. 

For example, taking a blog around “how to make money online ”, the kind of blog content needed here is “How to make $200 daily”. The aim of this type of content is to make them interested in the blog or company. 

Buying stage:

This is the stage where the audience or buyer is contemplating on the blog or website to buy from. The type of contents needed here are contents tailored into making the buyer interested in buying anything from you or the website you are writing for. 

For example, taking a blog that sells courses on how to make money online, the contents needed here are offers like “3 days free trial on ultimate guide on how to make money online”  

Relationship between content writing and content creation

business, computer, mobile-2846221.jpg
Content writing

To be successful with your content writing, you need to understand the entire content creation framework. This is because, with the entire framework in mind, you will be able to understand the customers and buyers as well as write quality content that is tailored to suit the audience. 

The first success of a content writer is being able to write content that directly suits a specified audience. As a content writer you should be able to write contents for social media and blogs depending on the audience at your disposal. 

Content writing Full Guide 

Now that we have a proper understanding on what content writing is, I think it’s time we jump into the full writing guide properly. This guide is known as the content writing framework. 


The title is the first section of your writing that catches the reader’s interest. It should be tailored to suit the reader’s interest. If it contains exactly what the reader is looking for, then they will click to read more. 


The body is the main part of your content. It should contain sections known as paragraphs and each paragraph should contain a point. Each paragraph should be linked to the other paragraph to make everything flow very well. 


This is the closing section of your content. In this section, you should try and summarize everything you’ve written. Most times you can decide to conclude with little points you intentionally or mistakenly missed when writing the body. 

Call to Action

This section is not necessarily important. It depends on the blog and the blog post. If the blog is aimed at getting engagements, then you can close your contents off by asking questions or seeking a response from your reader. 

To get the full details about the content writing masterpiece, I’ll suggest you get the ultimate content writing course worth N10,000 (initially sold for N40,000). It covers more than you have read teaching you how to write each of the content writing framework as well Search Engine optimization. 

You can get it here, or message me directly for the course and a free training on content writing. 

Tips to Content writing 

The following are tips you should consider when writing any content. 

  • Always use paragraph
  • Always try to ensure your content flows well
  • Omit unnecessary words 
  • Use direct sentences
  • Use the first and second person’s position when writing 
  • Write always

Getting Started with Content Writing 

To get started with content writing, it is expected that you have gotten a few things like Complete knowledge on content writing and the experience required. 

They are lots of platforms that promise to give you both but in reality they are tailored to scamming you. And that is why I recommend you get the Content Writing Masterpiece for the knowledge. 

After getting the course, send me a screenshot of page four (4) so I will add you to my free mentorship course and guide you till you hit your first job as a content writer. You can get the course here or message me here. 


Content writing is a vast field in the marketing industry. It is a lucrative one that involves using written words to educate or drive sales depending on the niche you are writing on. 

The entire content above is tailored to getting you started as a content writer and I believe I’ve been able to make it as easy as possible. If you really want to get started immediately, comment below. 

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