About Me

Hi, I Am Promise Obiajulu Okwuolise

My name is Promise Obiajulu Okwuolise. I’m a Digital marketer specialized in helping blogs and organizations with quality written content. I also help promote and sell digital courses and guides using complete digital marketing techniques and affiliate marketing. 

What makes me different from other digital Marketers

A lot of my previous clients and prospects keep asking me the aforementioned question. My answer is always the same. I’m an affiliate marketer grounded on experience. Unlike other digital marketers I built my career on digital marketing starting from each sector. 

I started with Content Writing. After a couple of years, I extended to Copy Writing. After a maximum number of years rendering freelancing service as a content writer and copywriter, I decided to extend my touch. 

I moved further into Blogging, SEO and SMM where I had the opportunity to learn and experience Ads and social media Marketing/ managing. 

After a couple of years in the industry, I extended into Affiliate marketing after taking a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing course on Expertnaire, where I was grounded on sales funnel, WhatsApp selling, Direct Response Copywriting. 

After a couple of years of rendering service as an affiliate marketer and teaching affiliate marketing, I decided to take an all round Digital marketing course that sealed my career into one envelope – Digital Marketing. 

Services I Render

I render an all round service as a digital marketer to any organization in need of a complete digital marketer. Aside from Digital Marketing, I render the following services independently. Content writing Social media managing Affiliate marketing