Hello My Name is

Promise Okwuolise

I help business and blogs grow with written content as a content writer and I also help companies sell their digital and physical products as a digital marketer and Affiliate Marketer. 

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Years Of Experience As A Content Writer and Affiliate Marketer

I started my journey into the digital sphere as a content writer. I vividly remember writing for free till I advanced in the industry and started getting quality paid offers from top blogs. 

After a while, I advanced into selling digitally and it took a couple of years and experience to become good selling online as an Affiliate Marketer and Digital Marketer. 

Services I Offer

Below is a breakdown of the services I offer.

Content Writing

I help blogs rank higer in search engine with quality written content that is 100% SEO optimized.

Digital and Affiliate Marketing

I help companies sell their digital product using affiliate marketing or digital marketing techniques like Ads and Social media marketing

Authorship(Book Writing)

I help authors write and publish their books on amazon or selar.

New Book! Content writing Masterpiece

An easy-to-follow content writing course.

Content writing masterpiece is an updated course on content writing comprising of Search engine optimization for content writing. 

This ultimate course teaches you everything you need to know in regards content writing and getting job as a content writer 

Latest Article from my Blog

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72IG implementation Program and course

The 72IG implementation program is a step by step course developed by the founder of expertnaire. The course is aimed at taking you from zero into an expert in affiliate marketing with N100k to N900k as weekly earnings.